National Park "Una" is spread through the valley of the rivers Una and Unac. This area represents a unique natural area in this part of Europe. A walk through the national park Certainly is recommended , and if you`re adventurous cycling is definitely enabled.


Spend your day and give your senses memorable moments descending a canyon river Una  ... Emerald beauty Una , comes from UNO, which has the meaning of one, only one. Because of the beauty of the river Una, the Romans gave it that name when they first spotted it. We believe that in front of her beauty  you will not be indifferent .Also do not forget the adventure called “International Una regatta” which starts at the camp  in a Martin brod and after 4 unforgettable days ending in Bosanska Krupa.


Real diving adventure starts right on the river Una, one of the most beautiful and cleanest rivers in Europe. Unforgettable diving story can only be experienced in one place and in one river - UNA. The water is crystal clear and transparent, ideal for underwater video and photo enthusiasts.


Sport and recreational fishing in these times is the most represented pleasure for lovers of nature. Catfish, pike, carp, trout, especially young trout  whose specimens reach over a meter in size, among others, the best known species of fish in the river Una. Fisherman on the river Una use three types of fishing:  fly fishing, spinning, water ball method. Another sport has no component of an competition and it is healthy. Fields, forests and water  are their places. The motive of hunting remained true: outwit and defeat a wild animal  by providing a chance to survive.



National Park Plitvičkka jezera are 1979th inscribed in UNESCO`s World Heritage List  (among the first in the world), and was declared a national park in 1949. The lakes are located  on the border between two climatic regions. For that reason they have nature  rich in  flora and fauna and provide invaluable scientific value.


Do you love hiking? Do you like long walks in the park?Mountain  Pljesevica will give  you  all of this. You will breathe fresh  air, surrounded by nature you will  forget stress. Tranquility and peace disturbed only by chirping birds and babbling mountain streams. At the end of hikes, mountain home Plješevica will welcome you....



Medjugorje, as an touristic destination, is one of the most famous Roman Catholic sanctuary in the world. It became famous because of the apparition of the Virgin Mary, which first began to occur in 1981. years. After the ocurrance, religious tourism began to develop. Since then, this place is one of the most  visited tourist centers of  BiH. Yearly about a million Catholics from around the world come here.


-St. Anthony church
It was built in the late 19th century,and finished 1894  in the manner of  the western-european eclecticism. With the church tower there is a large carved stone sarcophagus, decorated with heraldry.

Only European Islamic oratory made in a Gothic style. The best preserved sacral building in these areas.

- Stone tomb
It originates from the time of the Austro-Hungarian rule in Bihac. The exact time of its construction is not known but there are facts that it occurred immediately after the inauguration of the new rule.

-Captain`s Tower
According to legend, which is partly based on historical facts, Captain`s Tower has saved the life of Hungarian-Croatian king Bela IV of Tartar horsemen. Today`s Captain`s Tower museum with exhibits.

- Old Town Ostrožac
Old Town Ostrožac was first mentioned in the 1286 and belonged to the Blagajski princes. Throughout the middle ages it had a great strategic importance for the location of the area and Una valley.

-Old Town Sokolac
The old town of Sokolac is one of the better-preserved medieval fortresses. throughout the medieval age it was of a great importance for this area and the valley of river Una. (which in BiH over 300 Sokolac ancient city is located at the southeast corner.)

-Old City Forest Grove
Ostrovica, old fortress founded by Hungarians (Frankopans), is considered to be late 14 and early 15 th century. frankopans are the builders of circular bastions at Ostrovica, everything else was built, by the story of older people, by (I) Sultan Ahmed who built the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, and as we have said already, mosque in Kulen Vakuf.

- Monastery Rmanj
Rmanj Monastery in Martin Brod, dedicated to St. Nikolai Mirlikijskom, was built  in 1443. Attributed to Catherine as an endowment Brankovic daughter - Serbian Despot and the wife of Count Ulrich II of Celje.


-Festival of Performing Arts
Summer of 1999. in Bihac was enriched by an extraordinary event, festival of theatrical art "Bihać summer." Since then, every year, with the beginning of the summer Bihac lives a new life, because "Bihać summer" is much more than a festival for the city. The festival became a kind of cultural brand of Bihac and its summer tourism.

Fair "EKOBIS" is a manifestation of ecology, eco-tourism and environmental industries organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Una-Sana Canton for the past 9 years. Modern business events for which the years are showing increasing interest, both domestic and foreign exhibitors and business people. If you find yourself in Bihac during the fair it is certainly worth a visit.

- Ulicom Bišća
has grown into a well-received and high-quality cultural event that successfully promotes the work of local artists. In a few days of this manifestation citizens have the opportunity to visit the exhibition, attend literary nights and promotions by various authors and their works and all for free.