Near the historical sights of the ancient City of Ostrošac, in a quiet and picturesque area of Bosanska Krajina, on the banks of this river, there is HOTEL Tazz.

The hotel is an original and modern building, which will provide you with unusual atmosphere stay in an environment that exudes grace and style.

Hotel Tazz is a unique place in SCRU Krajina from which our guests can easily explore the beauty of the city and charming landscape that surrounds it, and which are hidden vast opportunities to enjoy the untouched nature and numerous activities that give this area an additional charm and attractiveness.

This is supported by the fact that we are close to the largest natural pearls Una National Park, which covers the most attractive parts of nature and that is simply breathtaking.

We are the ones who will allow you to experience the magic of research majestic waterfalls, high canyons, medieval towers and forest riches. No matter what the purpose of your arrival, rest and relaxation, curiosity, work or something else, here you have a unique opportunity to the one place you feel comfort during your vacation and experience the content that will make every guest stay.